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Alison R. Niesen, LSCW

I am Alison, a Minnesota native who recently decided to make the move to Arizona!


I started Wholesome because I wanted to provide therapy on my terms. I believe that a holistic approach to treating mental health is crucial to fostering long-lasting results in therapy.

It's important to me that I create a supportive space for those to learn and grow.

Every therapist has a different approach, if you see me for therapy, you will find that my approach is person-centered, solution-focused, and integrative.


One of my values is bettering my overall health. You will find that I am on this journey with you in working toward bettering my overall health in any way possible. 


I immerse myself in new knowledge to learn more perspectives and opportunities as it relates to bettering our health.

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Wholesome Therapy Solutions Story

At Wholesome Therapy Solutions, we're here to support your ongoing mental health needs, not for crisis intervention. In case of a mental health crisis, call or text Mind 24-7 anytime for immediate assistance. If you're seeking a dedicated therapist for proactive mental health care, click 'Schedule a Free Consultation' or call 320-305-6717 to connect with us today!"

Wholesome was created based on the principle that our well-being is both internal and external.​ We need to take care of both if we want to feel wholesome. When we are well, both physically and mentally, it is much easier to enjoy and be involved in life. Spiritual, emotional, physical, social, and relational; are all areas that impact our mental health and should be addressed in therapy to make sure you are getting the most out of it. We can help you with this at Wholesome. If you are looking to address your whole health, Wholesome Therapy Solutions is the best fit for you.​​​

In our journey, our ultimate aspiration is to ensure that all our patients experience a transformative shift in their outlook on life, exuding self-assuredness and waking up each morning with genuine excitement. We aim to redefine the paradigm of therapy and mental well-being, striving for our patients to recognize the value of therapy at any juncture in their lives, regardless of whether they perceive themselves as having any inherent issues. We firmly believe that there is perpetual space for personal growth and development. Every day, we continue to expand our knowledge and eagerly anticipate learning from the valuable insights our patients share with us.​


Will my insurance cover therapy?
Insurance coverage depends on your plan. Contact us for specific details, and we will guide you through the process.
What are your private pay rates?
We offer intake sessions (diagnostic assesment included) at $150. Our follow-ups are $125.
What can I expect during the first session?
Your first session is a safe space to share and explore. We'll discuss your goals and set the foundation for a supportive therapeutic journey.
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