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Support Group

If you have participated in group therapy, you might know how supportive you can feel when you are a part of a community that can relate to you.

If you have not, here is your opportunity to see if it can be helpful to you.

Currently, we are offering a support group for individuals and couples that are struggling with infertility and family building.

If you are interested, please reach out. We are gauging interest and availability of those interested, to offer a group at a time that works best. 

I am excited to offer more groups to support high school students, parents, and families that have adopted. Please let me know if this interests you and I can make this available sooner than later.

What group can help with


You will be in a room full of people that will support you and will most likely have gone through something similar.


Chances are, that some people have tried things that you have not or were not aware of. This could bring you light about how to cope with similar circumstances.


You will be connected with other members in some form. Group is designed to surround you with people who need more support in a similar area as you. This might help clear up your feelings and understanding around it as well.


What better way to learn than through other people? Group will offer this for you. You will learn about things that might have never come to your awareness before.


You'll be communicating with people you have never met before, so you will develop communication skills through these new relationships.


You will be able to hear a different perspective. When you tell your story or talk about something that might have happened to you, your group members could offer something that you had not thought about.

Let us know if you are interested!

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