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Therapy Services

Infertility Counseling

Your family building journey might be more difficult than what you imagined. Others can struggle to understand you, even your partner at times. You could feel lost in your ability to manage your current cicumstances. I can help with this.

Couple/Family Therapy

Communicating and getting along with the people you love can be...tough at times. You might feel that your family or marriage is beyond repair. I help couples and families repair connections with communication and focus on long-lasting results. I can help you too.

Parent Support and Education

Your kids are most important to you and bring you so much joy. You can still feel exhausted with the demands of being a parent. We all know that being a parent is more than a full-time job. You're a parent at all times of the day. You most likely haven't gone through any training on what it takes to be a parent. I don't believe there is one correct way. I do have tools that have helped several parents feel more prepared and equipped.

Therapy for Children with Divorced Parents

Divorce has complex impacts on all people in the family. It's hard on everyone and at times the children have a difficult time navigating this, no matter what age they might be. I can help with understanding  the impact and processing the divorce whether you experienced it years ago or yesterday.

Therapy for Young Adults and Teens

"I can't wait to grow up." You might have said or thought when you were a kid. Growing up is way more difficult than what we thought when we were 10. Self-esteem, time management, navigating your relationships, etc. are all things that can leas us to feel lost. I help young adults and teens through the struggles that come with growing up.

Pregnancy Loss or Miscarriage Support

 Experiencing loss of pregnancy is heartbreaking. Depending on your experience, health care workers can make it worse at times. There is a lot of confusion and this can be hard to understand or process. It can feel like nobody understands your loss at times I work with individuals, couples, and families that have gone through this and I am here to help you too.


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