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Therapy at Wholesome

Our Mission

"At Wholesome, our top priority is to help our clients develop life long skills that will help them overcome challenges, adversities, and difficult times. We provide support, insight, and feedback to help clients feel understood, empowered, and confident."

Our Therapist

Wholesome currently consists of one provider, Alison Niesen, the founder. Alison takes a holistic approach, addressing all areas of health to help clients feel overall wellness. Alison enjoys working with individuals ranging from age 8 to age 35. She takes an individualized approach, meaning; she meets her clients where they are, assisting them in creating and meeting goals that are both achievable and desirable for that specific client. Being a young clinician, Alison finds she relates, understands, and connects well with children, adolescents, and adults. Whether you are looking for a therapist for yourself or your child, Alison will be a good fit for you if you are interested in creating goals to create better overall wellbeing for yourself and your relationships.

What will you get out of therapy?

There are many reasons to start going to therapy. Therapy can help increase your motivation, help you find pleasure in your day to day life, help you feel that you can manage your emotions, increase your self-esteem, create better communication, reduce symptoms of anxiety, depression, & PTSD, help you feel more comfortable in social settings, and much more. Whatever your presenting concern may be, in therapy you have the opportunity to create goals that will help you work through it all.

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